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  Conversations with Art 


We go to museums and look at the art.  Do we talk to it?

Does it talk to us - the museum itself, the art, the artist.

Do we reflect what we see?

Does the subject return and approve of how he/she is on display?

How does two dimensional convey such incredible ambiance?

We walk into time, history, lives, read and see a person's innermost personal details. Are we welcome or is closing time a relief?

The curator puts two works together and then we look independently at each but they are together by the curator. What if we  -the viewer - puts the works together such as Cindy Sherman and Jeff Wall's double exposure below? Do we go home and imitate, consciously or not (Lars Lerin). And what about the museum itself  -  it is itself art and does art fit a museum? 


Thank you to all the wonderful museums and artists that enrich our hearts, minds and lives. I am especially drawn to those in New York and Stockholm but so many others are there ready to explore.  

MoMA - Rubin

Lady looking atLars Lerin at Liljevalchs Stockholm and then

from the hotel window that night.

Fun to imitate. 

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